Sunday, February 15, 2009

My subconcious thinks (knows) Nat's an idiot.

It started with a wedding. It was either Walter or Michael getting married, and in the past few hours it came to me that it was probably Michael, and Walter was the creep. A great deal of the dreem was taken up with Michael and his bride being happy, something like skipping through wildflowers.

Sita was there, and she was normal except instead of "yes" she said "star."

And finally, it was Sander's birthday. We made him a huge quilt with lots of pockets in which to put his presents, only Nat made me give Sander two pairs of my shoes; my newish brown ones and an imaginary pair of brown church flats, and I liked both pairs very much. I tried to argue with Nat that they were womens' shoes and wouldn't fit Sander, but Nat kept saying, "It's a fashion statement."


  1. The title of this post made me sad. But I figured it out.

  2. I thought you said it was only ONE pair of shoes!
    And how did he MAKE you give Sander them?
    I mean, he could tell you to and everything, but he couldn't really FORCE you to, could he?
    I think you answered this before, only I forgot the answer.
    I lost it somewhere at church, i think.
    If you find it, could you please return it to me?

  3. I'd forgotten it was two when I told you in person. Sorry.

    I already gave it to you, daaaaaahling. You'd better hurry up and find it.