Friday, February 13, 2009

chaotic DREEM

There was a wedding at our house and we had a lot of guests: Mommies with little babies were almost literally everywhere. We had Sita breaking/losing everything and being generally cute. We also had this weird little playhouse for Frederick and Gerhardt, who had inexplicably changed sizes. A random student of Dad's that I met briefly yesterday was there with the salad she had yesterday. (It looked really, really tasty. I mean, this had olives and dressing and fresh mozzarella cheese and everything. (Everything except for tomatoes.)) I asked her for the recipe about four times and she got really annoyed with me. And she left and I still couldn't remember what the salad was called or anything, but then I found I had the recipe in a bookmark on my little computer. (About the size of a binder.) And then Annalise tied her sheets together and climbed out the window.


  1. Was this same wedding that Anna seems to be dreeming about lately?

  2. Was I there? Why didn't she just use the door? :D

  3. Pasto': I don't remember whose wedding it was.

    TQ: No! You were at college! :( And she didn't want to be at the wedding, but she had to be (Maybe… was it Elle's? I can't remember!), so we locked her in the room.

  4. whoa...
    I mean, just whoa.
    That is the weirdest dream I ever heard of!
    And, is that TruthQuestioner by any chance Sarah?
    I thought so.
    I liked that blog post a lot!
    I love your blog1
    When can your blog and I have our wedding?