Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Eighth Contest!

But first, the results from the seventh contest:

  • A cat and a bucket of melted ice to use as protection from muggers. (Robin)
(Although don't you call 'melted ice' 'water'?)

So this contest is… a cover for my story!

Might as well, you know.


  1. Your latest one?

    Remind me and I will SO be in on this.

  2. But melted ice IS water, so saying melted ice water is a bit redundant, don't you think?

  3. I wasn't telling you to call it 'melted ice water,' I was pointing out that 'melted ice' is just a roundabout way to say 'water.'

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  5. I don't really know what your book is about, but will you give me a copy when it's finished?
    \Why, thank you, Maggie!
    and, yes, this IS Monica again, even though you did not know that yet.
    And you should put a scary tree with a face on the cover.
    Oh, oh, and a half eaten boy!
    That would SO make your book!
    And, also, maybe a hole with a grave stone behind it, and some roses, even though no one is in that grave yet.
    that would be SO cool...
    Hey, you DID say this was a cover for your book contest, didn't you?