Sunday, January 18, 2009

DREEM and also playing house

It was more of a nightmare, really. It's understandable.

Both the pastors were gone, which is already a bad start, but they didn't get a very good substitute. I only DREEMed the sermon, but while he was preaching he was also eating and he wouldn't stop. He tried to incorporate the food into his sermon, make it all symbolic, but it was all just a little awkward and weird.

Today we had a Voters' Meeting after church. Now, usually Mom holds a nursery for children four and under, but she wanted to attend the meeting (of course), so I took over. While we were playing house one of them insisted on playing the Mommy. Why?? When I was little, playing the baby was the glamorous part. That and playing the dog. (I played with my cousin, and we played "baby," or "dog-person," as we called them.) Whenever we played dog-person, Rachel insisted on being the dog. Oh, I got to be the dog sometimes, but mostly it was her, until I threw a fit and refused to be the person again, and she wheedled that this was the last time and next I could be the dog, and that happened over and over again. Then I got bored and started dying. (The person has to die three times before they're dead, in which case you have to switch.) Sometimes she'd try to save me, but I kept being the victim of shooting or screen doors or something.

Also we'd take shoelaces (extras, not from our shoes), tie them together and then around the waist (we weren't allowed to do it around the neck), and leave the dog tied to the piano bench while we ran errands. This was a very important part of the game.


  1. Today (at home after the voters meeting) Brigitta wanted to put the leash on Amelia. Around her neck.

  2. Oh, I know. They come up with all kinds of stuff on their own. It was just that your dog-play anecdotes struck me as similar, yet still smarter, because you kept the leashes around the waist.