Saturday, October 18, 2008

post for the sake of it

Yes, I'm posting on my blog because I feel guilty that I haven't in two and a half weeks.

Susie made a Sita face today. It's only been two years, but it seems like so long ago Sita was that dependent. I mean, really. S1 can walk and talk and feed herself, to an extent. S2 seems to have trouble turning her head.

Oh, but she is such a cutie.

By the way, I enjoyed Inkdeath immensely. But now I think I'm going to rant about the Inkheart movie.

So. Dustfinger's scars? Itty scratches on one cheek. In the preview Meggie is reading before her time comes, if you know what I mean. And Dustfinger's firepowers are a little too strong in the world. Y'know how he needs matches? It doesn't seem that way.

Still. Mo is played by the actor off of whom he is based, so that's going to be accurate. I do like the looks of Meggie. And Capricorn. And Elinor. And maybe Farid. And Gwin. And Dustfinger, mostly. Really, though, Capricorn looks great. Not at all how I'd imagined him, but still. I couldn't find any pictures of Mortola.

Peaches, page 385. (Oh boy, Squishy, I'm just dangling this in front of your face, aren't I?)

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  1. Having seen the preview every half hour for the last two weeks-

    it may be that Meggie isn't reading "before her time" and instead they edited the preview in a more exciting way. That happens ALL THE TIME.

    So I hold out hope, because it really does look like a good movie.

    (So does Coraline!)