Sunday, June 15, 2008

this doesn't mean I'm done

Accepting reviews for Bob Dies to put on the back of Paul Dies. If you want to give one, e-mail it to me. Writing a review will probably get you a discount. So far I have reviews from M, Rachel D., Bob, and Ethan.

Truthquestioner! Snap! Obviously Fantastic Honest Person! I don't think you have copies. That should be fixed.


  1. When will it be done?? In time for Amen? Because I will totally bring money to buy it from you. Can I pre-order it? Can I pre-order two copies?? Let me know!!!

  2. My review of Bob Dies: "A fantast tale of woe, despair, agony, pains, and how to laugh at it all when it is somebody else's! A must read for any of MHly inclinations."

  3. Okay, now if I want more, I'll have to edit some, or use a smaller font, or continue on another page.

    That's two reserved for FFG.

  4. Well this sounds very interesting
    I too would like to have a copy

    All these things I'm finding out about you!!!!!! :-)

  5. Here 'tis : "A pavilion thumbs up! This literary masterpiece deserves to be in the back of everyone's Bible covers!"

  6. On the back of Bible covers !?!
    What unorthodox foolery is this?

    Probably something very tasty: Requesting a copy to salivate over. Please :-)