Friday, June 06, 2008

just one more dreem

It started out, Anna and i were at a Bethel admissions meeting, but we kept mocking them and they got really confused, and we laughed at them.

Then we realized we really needed to go home to pack for Higher Things, so Anna went home, but i got dropped off at M's house. I played with their dog for a while (out of character for me), until M + L came home. M was wearing a lot of make-up. (extremely out of character!) I finally got home to pack, but i didn't get very far. I got my hats, so i wasn't very worried.

I was thinking about it on the plane there.

Then we got to PA and were going to register, but instead of registration, it was DoRena's wedding again. (The original was beautiful, by the way.) There were a lot of MHers playing a game afterwards, but i was too scared to join in. I think it was Truth or Dare. All the boys were chasing Paul.

They might have been trying to get him into a mailbox.

Then i woke up.

And i went back to sleep.

My next dreem was about Scottish accents. That's all i remember.


  1. That is really weird, Mag.

    Not totally off-the-top-of-the-wall weird, but pretty weird.

    At least nobody got eaten by monsters (even if Paul was almost eaten by a mailbox). I guess it can't be counted as a nightmare if nobdy gets eaten by any monsters. Or can it?

  2. That would be a nightmare if I had it. But maybe it wasn't for you... Hmmm...

  3. I think it's only a nightmare if it scares me. Like the one with the pathetic zombies. They might've been completely defeatable, but i don't like the idea of zombies.

  4. I don't like the idea of zombies, either. Of course, zombies would count as "monsters," I think. I'm not sure whether zombies eat people or not, but I'd rather never get close enough to find out.

    When I was a young lad, I often had "nightmares" featuring the incredible hulk. I loved the old TV show, but for some reason I slept in mortal fear of the big green guy busting into our home and rousting me out of my bed. I'm reasonably sure that he wouldn't have wanted to eat me, but I was pretty much sacred to death of this scenario, anyway.

    Probably it is true that a nightmare is one that scares you, which might or might not involve monsters desiring to eat you. However, it is axiomatic for little children that scary stuff means monsters of one sort or another; and for my part, at least, I can't imagine anything quite so scary as being eaten by some such monster.

    In my opinion, your dreem was more bizarre than nightmarish.

  5. A concurrence of opinion is in order: bizarre!

    Not to be picky, Pastor, but I guess it was a sure sign of a calling to the ministry that you were "sacred to death" ;)