Thursday, November 01, 2007

All Hallow's Eve

Ah, what a Lutheran Feast Day that is. Yes, i know that was yesterday. Did you know Martin Luther put them up on October 31 because the next day was All Saints' Day (used to be All Hallows' Day) and he know everybody was going to be in church the next day? (i can almost hear all of you nodding Yes, I know, but of course i can't hear you because i'm writing this now you and you will read this later, or in your case, the current now)

To a couple candy-givers (i still Trick-or-Treat) i said, "Happy Reformation Day!" My favorite reaction was the lady who said "oh," quietly and backed up slightly.

But as Pastor G. pointed out in his sermon last night, we don't celebrate Reformation Day. We don't say, "Ha, we know the truth and those Roman Catholics don't!" We never rejoice that people don't know the right things. We're happy for our knowing, but we mourn for those who don't. We pray for them (Yes, M, i pray for you and L, and your family), and try to preach the Gospel, and in the meantime sing several hymns.

On that note, there's no feeling like the one you get when you've just received your Lord and Saviour's Body and Blood, and you're kneeling up there in the Sacrestry (spelcheck says Tapestrying), and Pastor says, "The body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ strengthen and preserve you in body and soul to life everlasting. Depart † in peace." (LSB 199) while 31 people somewhere behind you are singing At the Lamb's High Feast We Sing in tune. And loudly, in a good way. (that one's LSB 633)

And don't be surprised i listened to the sermon. It's insulting.

And somebody please comment!

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  1. Oh but wasn't your head full with thoughts of candy? ::hides::