Thursday, November 08, 2007

Color coordination? What's that?

Purple striped shirt, grey skirt, blue socks, brown belt.

Brown belt. And not in the buckle way.

Today after Jujutsu (Martial Art) Shihan (that's teacher) Rick told me to come upstairs and join the adult class for five minutes. We went upstairs, but had to wait five minutes already for the weight-lifting people to get out. I commented that it looked boring, just lifting heavy stuff.

Now i've been a blue belt for quite a while. The belts go white, blue, green, three degrees of brown, ten degrees of black. I know why i wasn't getting a green belt, or at least i'm reasonably positive i know. It's because of this one type of roll i couldn't get, because every time i tried it, without fail, i'd hurt my back. (This may sound funny at my age, but i have a badish back. I hurt it often enough in Jujutsu. I hurt it last Thursday. We were doing flying kicks and i landed wrong, my ankle kind of twisted underneath me - it's fine now - and i landed hard and probably jarred my spine or something. Ugh.) But i finally got the roll a few weeks ago. I'm sure i'm a first degree brown belt.

I'm listening to "random" songs. Hehe.


  1. Hey Booger-- do you do anything specifically to strengthen your abdominal muscles? I think all of us Rheins have ache-prone backs. The answer is usually to exercise the opposing muscles. If you can bring yourself to do some crunches every day (mom knows some varieties, I think), it may help your back. That's the only thing that helps mine.