Friday, September 14, 2007

How often do normal people cry?

This is a post a little late getting out (don't comment).

Last Friday i cried twice, but i'm not worried.

First i cut an onion.


I was in the kitchen, trying to make rice pilaf (it came out fine. It was the roast i had to worry about.), when i heard a loud THUMP and Sita's (she was visiting) crying.

I ran to the stairs, and she was standing on the landing, face screwed up and red, screaming hard. She took a tiny step. (She can hardly take anything else, her legs are pretty short.)

"Sita, NO!" I yelled, and was halfway up when she took another step - and fell, face forward. The back of her head hit, and she flipped (like doing a somersault), and landed in my arms.

I held her tight and she screamed in my ear.

I walked up the stairs. (Why up? I don't know) I got to the top of the stairs when Mrs. Kavouras came out of Nat's room and took her. I went back down.

Naomi came running and said, "What happened?"

"Sita fell down the stairs,"

"What was she doing near the stairs?" She ran there.

I just shook my head. Or maybe i said that i didn't know. I don't remember. (Once again, don't comment.)

How often does this type of thing happen? How did she get up the stairs in the first place? Hm. And no, i wasn't slacking off in watching her.


  1. ::is bad and comments:: This has happened to everyone as far as I know. Gerhardt can climb up stairs. Thus I see no reason why Saranita couldn't have. I never thought it was your fault that she fell down the stairs. ::loving back pats::

  2. No, when i said Don't comment, i meant about getting a post out late and not remembering.