Monday, September 17, 2007

Day of sun

I just got finished stuffing seven school subjects and a leisure book into my brand new, orange bookbag. That's science (biology), math (algebra), Deutsch (German), literature, writing, grammar and piano.

Why am i so quick to abuse my wonderfuzzly colored book transporter? Because i actually want to use it, and i'm going to the G.'s (Pr. G. is our Assistant Pastor) tomorrow, from 8-5, and that means all my school. Well, it's be a change. We're doing it so i won't be all alone all the time. They have only 5 children (all girls), names and ages will possibly be posted later, when spellings and such are confirmed.

So, after church yesterday, we had an RLA thing. Resurrection Lutheran Academy was opening a new school, and Mom and Dad and Nat and Anna and Erik and i were all in the adult choir for their "ceremony," and Prs. S. and G. were both there too, along with a couple other people from our congregation. They called it a ceremony, although it was technically a service. Even though they handed out "programs" instead of bulletins, and the sermon didn't have the Law or the Gospel, didn't hear Christ and Him crucified for me, only anecdotes, and the Old Testament and Epistle were read by kids, one of them a girl, and afterwards we all (excluding a few Emmausites) sang "Allelu, allelu, allelu, alleluia!" and then the new principal got up and talked forever.

Later Mom and i ran errends, and saw a world-class pianist live (So-and-so Svietske or something, very Russian) (maybe more on him later), and roadkill, and i got my bookbag.


  1. Hehehe. You make it sound funny. I was actually kind of depressed by the whole thing. Esp. since the quality of the "sermon" reminded me of certain sermons heard at *bleep*.

  2. *shakes head*

    such language Anan...

  3. I think she means her old church, which does not have a bad word for its name. At least as far as i know.

  4. LOG What Maggie said. ::stabs Bob::