Saturday, August 04, 2007

Listening to music and playing solitaire…

… on our ipod* mini!

But we broke the CD part of our computer while putting music on it, so we can't do anything with discs on this computer. We'll have to use the office one when Dad's not using it.

Just talking to Naomi. She decided that because Saranita** only says yellow, when holding yellow things, yellow must be her favorite color. And to be persuaded otherwise Saranita will have to say these exact words:
"But, Mother Dearest, yellow isn't my favorite color – [pink] is!" Or whatever color she truly likes.

Hmm. Yellow was our first favorite color. Well, Lellow first, the Yellow. Then… Gold, and Blue, and now Orange. And pink is our second favorite, which is partly good because it "goes well with our skin tone," and partly a shame because it's a terrible combination with orange. Oh well. We like them both, kept apart.

Mom came home.

We finished 'Tom Sawyer' today.

We're alphabetizing the books in our room. By author, of course. We've gone through S. Perhaps we shall now do t-v, and - dare we try in one go? - w-z!

*Shame on the computer for not knowing the word "ipod," or for that matter, "okay."
**Triple the shame for not knowing "Saranita!"

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  1. I heard Saranita say a form of the word 'cake' while playing patty cake.

    She's just too cute. I totally melted when I saw her. :D