Sunday, August 12, 2007


Boys are a bit humorous sometimes.

Me: Your face!
Anna: Yeah? Well, your face!
Me: Both our faces!
Nick: Huh?

Cecilia: I know how to play Killer Bunnies!
Matthew, after explaining it quite inadequately to Bekah: But Cecilia learned from Martin, and sometimes Martin doesn't explain it very clearly.

Me: Martin, why did you write your name backwards on your cup?
Martin: Oh, nobody's supposed to notice. They'll just think it's the right way.

(A while ago, when husking corn)
Martin: Why can Maggie husk corn so much faster than me?
Maggie: Maybe i husk corn more often.
Martin: But I bike more!


  1. (I already wrote all this once before but blogger insisted on "redirecting")

    You need more brothers. Nat should make up for this by doing enough brother stuff for several brothers. Give him the extra bedroom and he can mess it up for you to clean! He could make lots of loud and obnoxious noises! He could scream and yell and cry and melt in a puddle on the floor! He could dump legos all over the house and avoid doing anything about it! He could spill applesauce all over the fridge and leave it for someone else to clean up! He could roll lots of clothes in the mud and dump them on the front porch!

    Of course I should make up for the small number of girls in my family... Clean more, cook more, tease brothers more, chase brothers' friends across the yard more, eat more of the yummiest food, have more dresses (bother), and last but not least... GIGGLE MORE!!!!

  2. Anna, she really doesnt want the extra brothers. Trust me. xP
    Not that i dont want my siblings... its just... she should be HAPPY she doesnt have those things....

  3. Maggie's face! ::birds fly and bells ring::

  4. *silent mirth* I didn't make a sound! Honest!