Thursday, September 21, 2006

My life plan

Wheel, here it is:

When i'm sixteen my Mom will introduce me to one or more guys, hinting that they're nice boy(s), etc.
I marry one, after college.
We live on a farm (or at least in the country) in Indiana, Montana, Nebraska, Texas, or Germany (or otherwise i suppose), depending on my hubby's job with our at least five homeschooled PICCL children, while i teach piano lessons in our home and be a church organist.
I let my hair go gray/white/silver naturally.
I die.
Sometime during this, i take over the world. You will not know when.

It may vary slightly.


  1. THat sounds... um... well planned out. Did you plan that or your mom? I would never be able to plan my life, no ma'am.
    it sounds good to me. but, of course, I'm not a life-plan judger or anything ^_^

  2. sorry that sounded like I didn't like your life plan!!! I did ^_^
    and it sounded like your mom planned it bgecause of the mom part, sorry if that sounded mean too
    SHady Loam who is incredibly sorry

  3. OH I'm such a doofus!!! I wrote down this stuff to reply to your comments in my blog, then I forgot to post it!! oh my.
    Yay for Maggie getting it! I hoped someone would ^_^ <<--- thats about my spot of tea on your pants thing
    Thanks! (about the poem...)
    I know!! I am so mad about them not working!! (my optical illusions)
    the story i got from christopher... on MH, it was below his signiture. signature? whatever. ^_^
    --Shady Loam

  4. Lol... sounds good to me =P
    I havent planned my life yet :3
    Maybe I'll just let it happen and see where i get =P can i take over the world with you? =P