Tuesday, September 19, 2006

HT retreat

I pretty much copied this from Aaron's blog because i'm tired. Maybe i'll edit it when i'm not.

Attention! Attention! There is a Higher Things retreat in Marshall, MI on the weekend of November 3-5. There has been a plea from Beggers All that they need more people to start registering. So go! If you possibly can, show up for the retreat. I can assure you it will be AWESOME! Here are the retreat details. Please at least look at them. Please look at the site and come to the retreat! Thank you and goodnight.


  1. i wanna go
    see you tommorow!

    -- your swaimeses twine

  2. Hey, thanks from Beggars All.

    We hope some South Benders can make it up here.


    Ps. Esther and I laughed at your blog. It's funny, especially the seven qualifications for a hubby. ;-)

    Ps. 2: Congrats on your new neice!