Thursday, October 20, 2011

Diligence: a fate I would hate.

Firstly and most importantly: Sam(my(-Wammy( the Lamby))) is adorable. (And healthy.) I will even take a picture from facebook to prove it:

Awwwwwwwwww. Little newborns and their silly faces.
He was born opening night of Camelot.

Speaking! of shows and whatnot! I got a part in Bethel's spring musical, Little Women. I = Mrs. Kirk. I have lines, guys. And, like, my own part in a duet or trio or something. Maybe. Actually maybe it's me and Professor Bhaer on on part and Jo on the other... oh, well, anyway, I'm excited. Hopefully I'll come back to this thing (blog) after rehearsals start and let you know what my part actually is. I read the script, but I didn't retain a whole lot. :P

Ummmmmmmmm. So it's cold and stuff.

In the not-wackily-happy section, I'm bored. D:


  1. EEE! I love his squeechy-upped eyes and his little smirk! SO. CUTE.

  2. Oh man, high-oh-babies Robin is fun.

  3. Baby! Freaking adorable.

    Part! With lines! And singing! Freaking awesome.

  4. Oh, and part is awesome, too! I forgot to mention that before, as I was all caught up in the adorableness.

  5. He's so CUTE.

    Congrads on the play!!!! Now I'll really need to go and see it.