Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Today's thoughts.

Jesus came off my crucifix. It seems like less of a statement now.

There's something I really like about the image of a fiery windmill.

I miss my sandwich.

Nat was looking for a bottle of cologne that had been one of his wedding presents. I had an urge to call it and just follow the ringing to find it.

I don't think I will ever not wear this petticoat again. It's the best thing since blue.


I didn't realize when I auditioned how much innuendo is in Camelot. Oops...

I made my blog private so I could complain about Bethel without any of them seeing, but it occurs to me that probably no one cares.

I'm cleaning! ... my e-mail inbox. I'm doing well, though. I got it from the 1800's yesterdayish to the 1400's todayish.

Coram Deo--Illinois was probably the biggest the Emmaus youth group has ever been, and I'm the only one in it who also went to Dare to be Lutheran--St. Louis in 2005. I feel SO OLD, guys.

My alarm clock does not understand "off."

I Will Go, I Will Go (Scottish folk), Il Sospiro (Donizetti), and If I Can't Love Her (Beauty and the Beast) make an interesting combination to be stuck in my head.

31 years together. Yayyyyy parents.

I keep adding more thoughts to this in the hopes that I'll remember the third one I actually planned. I think it may be gone forever.

Seriously, though, it was a great sandwich.


  1. I find it interesting that you would mention how hot it is right after the bit about the petticoat. Correlation, anyone?
    I love sandwiches. There is a place in Elkhart that sells only sandwiches, soup, and muffins, more or less. They posted the menu in the Elkhart campus of IU, and when I was taking a class out there, I'd read it and drool. I have NO IDEA how I would choose. They sounded SO YUMMY!

  2. It's not entirely chronological. The whining about the heat has been all week, whereas I only just started wearing the petticoat. Also, one must make sacrifices for one's style, no?

  3. "Jesus came off my crucifix."

    That sounds like the opening sentence of a book or something. If it were written by anyone else in the world, it would prolly be an anti-Christianity book, which is sad, because it's a cool-sounding line.

    What about a blue petticoat?

    The only issue I take with my (awesome) lime-green petticoat is that it does not have pockets. Le sigh.

    4th down; you should have. It might have worked.

  4. Robin: Yeah.

    A blue petticoat would be awesome. I should make that.

    But... petticoats go under... how would you use said pockets??

  5. You should.

    I would find a way to use pockets. I'm not sure what it would be at the moment, but I'd definitely find a way.

  6. How did I miss this post? Major like.