Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy emoticon!

Spanish class ≠ entirely awful

I think this may have something to do with me sitting in a different place… one where my classmates don't pretend I don't exist. Of course, it would take some figuring to make this more permanent, because I was technically sitting in someone else's place. (My usual place had no chair.) She came over anyway so she could have her chat with the other girls, in English (not allowed), about shopping/clothes, and every time the teacher came near she would say a variant on "We're talking about Spanish, I swear." But I digress.

Could it be———is it getting better??

P. S. In Elements of Music, multiple girls now ask me directly about the homework. E. g. "Did I do this right?" "What does this mean?"


  1. I'm hoping you responded to the second question by beginning "we should fear and love God that..."

  2. Unfortunately, I was paraphrasing. It was actually something along the lines of "What does he mean here?"