Tuesday, October 13, 2009


In Elements of Music, the one who chose a song from Once for that first assignment. She also wears awesome skirts all the time. Well, yesterday we both came to class in trench coats and hats. I complimented her hat, explaining it was my favorite color. (Mine was sort of reddish and could not be called straight-out orange, unfortunately.)
Her favorite color is orange, too.

Unfortunately, her bag sports an Obama button, so unless she has an excellent explanation, our friendship is not meant to be. (No offense, Amanda. You don't count; I love you no matter how wrong you are. Emoticon.)


  1. There are good Obama supporters out there, even ones that can be befriended. they're just few and far between.

  2. Oh, shush. I just made a perfectly good joke.

  3. Lucky. I want to meet a girl in an orange hat.