Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Don't Be Cool, Stay In School

I got my left ear pierced again. And then once more. Now all I have to do is swab it with alcohol three times a day for six weeks. Or two months, according to the lady who did it. She kept asking, "Are you sure you want it this way? Once I do it you can't change it. Are you sure?"

Okay, so my DREEM was like The Man Who Was Thursday, but entirely with circus freaks… Why do I post my dreams so often? I've heard it said that people telling their dreams is annoying. Is this annoying?

I'd like to get a job, but I need an ID. To get an ID, I need my social security card, proof of address, and a parent. Probably some other stuff too. Long story short, we had a fruitless trip to the license bureau and Mutti has decided that we might as well get me a driving permit, because it works and then we're ready in case, I don't know, suddenly we need a fourth driver for our three cars and the price of insurance for a minor goes down.

I'm not planning on actually learning how to drive yet.

We went to TQ and Snap's house to surprise OFHP for her birthday, and Pasto' G. and Dr./Mr. H., Snap and Erik, Anna and Matthew, Nick and Nat, TQ and I went canoeing, split up into those pairs. (Anna and Matthew were in a kayak, though.) Besides those wacky kayakers, TQ and I won two races, because our canoe was the only one with two females. (We held back in the third so we could soak Nick and Nat.)

Happy birthday, my OFHP! I miss you!


  1. The Man Who Was Thursday done with circus freaks would be just about the COOLEST THING IN THE WORLD.

    People say that posting dreams is annoying because most people's dreams are very boring and only interesting to the people who dream them. Your tend to be hilarious, and as long as they are, there is no need to worry about posting them. imo.

  2. Great post; lots of fun. Thanks.

    I'm confused, though, as to whether you actually got your ear pierced again, or if that was the dream in reference in the next paragraph.

    Sounds like I missed the party of the decade for OFHP. Drats!

  3. I don't think your dreams are annoying.
    By the way- who are Snap and TQ?
    I don't know anyone by those names, and I don't remember seeing anyone I didn't know at the party yesterday.

  4. Thank you Celebrated Author it
    was very much a surprise and it was also a wonderful evening,, glad to hear you had fun

    I miss you more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Did you not get my previous "interruption" to your post? Or did you simply prefer not to post it? Just curious.

  6. But, *sniffs sadly* we refrained from SOAKING them because it was growing cooler. :(

  7. And yes, we were, like, the best female canoers on the WHOLE ENTIRE LAKE, people!

  8. Ethan: WOULDN'T IT BE. I ought to watch more movies like The Elephant Man before I go to sleep.

    Also thank you.

    Pasto': I actually did get my ear pierced, so now I have three earrings in my left earlobe.

    Monica: Thank you, and I sent you an e-mail informing you of the alter-egos of those aliases.


    Pasto': I had slight confusion in reviewing my comments. Mostly I forgot. :P

    TQ: And darker.