Thursday, August 27, 2009

Classes start today at Bethel.

However, I don't have any Thursday classes.

8:00 - 8:50 Spanish I
9:00 - 9:50 Elements of Music

MONDAY (I believe)
Exploring Creation through Physical Science with TQ and Snap's mother

Teaching Oly'Anna's and Justinian's piano lessons

That's as far as I know right now. Tomorrow at 10 (after Spanish and Music) I'm going to have a voice lesson, and then we'll figure out a regular schedule. We'd set it regularly at 10 on Monday or Wednesday or Friday because that would be so handy, but that's when chapel is at Bethel, and while neither of us (as a teacher and a REACH student) are required to go, she is discouraged from teaching during chapel.

I just realized, I am apparently a Register Early to Achieve College Hours student. That's grammatically nonsensical.


Here I go again. This is unimportant. I merely feel obliged to relate it as it includes a few people who may read this.

I dreamed about getting an application from the tiny-branch library… they had this weird program going on where they took a character from three USA TV shows and that character was a librarian and also answered phone questions. My librarian was one of these characters, and she answered the theological questions. She got one while I was talking with her: "If the power's out and I'm scared, is God there?" and she answered, "Remember in Ephesians 5 when God says he is always there," and I was thinking, "That's not in Ephesians 5." So naturally I immediately asked her if the bread and wine of communion were truly Christ's Body and Blood or merely a symbol, and she did not answer. I digress.

One of the other characters doing the library thing was a villain, and I realized he was going to try to kill us all, so I got Nathaniel, Paul, Ethan and Zeke to come to the library to vanquish him. While I was getting them the library became multi-level and incredibly complex, with a few secret passageways for good measure. We were not very adept at navigating the labyrinth of stairways and books and seas and finding and fighting the villain. Nathaniel was useless, narrating us; Paul was comic relief; Ethan thought he was saving us all but really wasn't; and Zeke was the only one doing anything but I was the only one who could tell, even he didn't know. I was just kind of annoyed with them all.

Also I punched through about twelve brick walls.

I woke up before anybody actually won.


  1. Paul = comic relief, eh?
    I guess that's one of the reasons I miss him so much now that he's moved back to college.

  2. The Lord be with you in your classes at Bethel, Maggie. I'm excited for you.

  3. See, this is the thing about your dreams: they capture characters so well, but in a way only dreams could.