Friday, March 27, 2009

In 1999,

My (paternal) Grandma Ann was interviewed by her children so her story could go in a huuuge book called 'The [namehere] Family' which I believe my Mormon relatives made. It has extensive family trees in it.

Anyway, I liked this part about her and Grandpa.

Clint had decided that he wanted to get married, I think, not too long after he was in the service. But he was having those malaria spells, and he was in no condition to get married. He was living with his folks. I know he wanted me to marry him more than I wanted to. I had doubts about loving him, but he didn't seem to have any. When he asked me to marry him, I think I was at my parents' house. I remember saying to Clint, "I don't know if I really love you," and he said, "Maybe you will learn to fall in love."
(They got married in June of 1945.)

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