Monday, June 25, 2007


Ack, no! My whole life is upside-down, inside-out and rightside-left!

Inkdeath is now Inkdawn!

Cornelia Funke said the old name didn't fit anymore.

P. S. Inkspell was going to be called Inkblood.

Crisis over. I went to Wikipedia:

Its German title, 'Tintenblut', literally translates: 'Inkblood'.
However, the Americans didn't like the original title and changed it,
although its first title seems more appropriate for its dark plot.


Cornelia Funke stated in January 2007 that the title would definitely
be Tintentod, with the English title Inkdeath. This replaces the
alternative working title of Tintensaat/Inkdawn.

Ignorant Laughing Prince.

Did you get that?

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