Friday, June 08, 2007

Euros et cetera

My posts are in high demand, i hear. I can't write much, i have to go clean my room.
Here are the Euro coins…

… and this is my smashed pfennig. You know how at some places there's a little machine for smashing pennies? Well, Nat put this on the railroad tracks…

Hail Pottsylvania, hail to The Black And Blue!
Hail Pottsylvania, sneaky and crooked through and through:
DOWN with The Good Guys, UP with The Boss,
Under The Sign Of The Triple Cross,
Hail Pottsylvania...Hail, Hail, HAIL!
My true colors. Black and Blue. Ow.

I watched the Rocky and Bullwinkle movie yesterday. It was awful!


  1. Encore!! Encore!!


  2. Cool Euros.

    Ah, the railroad-coin. A classic.

    Furhtermore, I resent that Rocky and Bullwinkle reference. I like that movie. <_<

  3. What?? I didn't like it. I love the show, but the movie was almost unbearable. Almost.