Saturday, January 06, 2007

My wunderschön self

Yeah, lol.

••Killer of peeps
•Reader of Books
••Slave of Peaches
•Backwards Walker of Beaches
••Sitter on One Thousand, Eighty-Five Recycled Plastic Milk Jugs
•Annoyer of some
••Blogger of blogs <-- updated 01/06/07 & 10/04/06
•Swimmer of Water
••Laugher of Laughs
•Sither of Siths
••Poker of Pokes
•Homeschooled Ultra-PICCL MHer


  1. I think you should rename your blog "The crazily random vogel haver's blog"

  2. Honestly, I think "vogel haver" is Maggie-ish for Random. I could be wrong, however, as I am not much of a linguist.

    Furthermore, to Maggie, have you really sat upon One Thousand, Eighty-Five Recycled Plastic Milk Jugs? That sounds pointlessly fun.

    and for my final question, do people still post on the Peep War Forum?

  3. Ethan: See first or third or second or other really early blog post.

    Furthermore, last time i went camping. At that wonderfuzz place i go camping with the Peach Slaves, they have benches with little plaques that say something to the effect of "THIS BENCH WAS MADE OUT OF ONE THOUSAND, EIGHTY-FIVE RECYCLED PLASTIC MILK JUGS". We refused to sit on the benches without the plaques.

    and for my final answer, i do about every two weeks, at most. To see if anybody's there.

  4. Or since November. It used to be more frequent, but i got tired of talking to myself.

  5. Ethan: i sat on One Thousand Eighty Five Recycled Plastic Milk Jugs with Maggie, so i can verify it.

  6. What, so now I've got Maggie's and M's words on it? Oh, now I KNOW it's true.

    *rolls eyes*

    *Runs away to avoid being completely murdered*


  7. I sat on 1085 recycled plastic milk jugs too! (duh...)