Monday, January 22, 2007

Me again again

Megarrific Animatronic Googling Sith Plus Linguistic Aggrevator of Toothless-animals = Magsplat (mwa)! According to 'Smeg' on the forums.

Don't forget to order your copy of "Bob Dies: A Series Of Fortunate Events" today!!


  1. Right... what form do you want the money n and what form do we receive the story inand how many copies have you sold?

  2. i just got my copy...AWESOME!i had to cough, moo and toutch my nose through a few parts, but other than that it was great!

    i may not have to sue you after all.

  3. sir n: "In what form do you want the money" would be better grammer, and real form. Ditto for the story. And i'm not allowed to disclose that last bit of information at this time.

  4. The price just went up, so in person it's $2, $2.50 for signed editions. You can order one to be mailed, but it costs another 50 cents. For shipping and handling. Are you near any MHers going to For You in MN?