Friday, November 03, 2006

Eck-sight-ing news

Yeah. Really exciting.

Well, Nick, Naomi, and *Saranita* being here is pretty cool. Also yesterday was my Mom's birthday (i got her earrings [homemade] and chocolate [dark chocolate bar; chocolate covered coffee beans; cute assorted box]), and i'm going to a retreat today. Until Sunday. Without Saranita!! Me sad about that.

I'm gonna go hold my neice.

I'm back!


Saranita typed that! Alright, i did hold her hand and guide it, but it was still her finger.

1 comment:

  1. That's very cool that Saranita is there! I'm sorry you don't get to stay with your neice, but I can't feel that bad for you because you *do* get to go to a Higher Things retreat. Yes, go hold your niece before she doesn't like being held anymore. Don't worry she will be typing alot more when she gets older. My niece constantly helps me type. My poor neice has the chicken pox...

    Anyways, have fun at the retreat,