Monday, June 19, 2006

The Wolf Who Cried Boy:

... by Margaret A. R.

*please note that my spelcheck does not work*

Once upon a time in a small pack lived a boysterous young wolf named Wolforinos. Wo for short.

One day he decided to cause a little trouble and barked as loud as he could, "Boy! Boy!! Nice, juicy BOY!!!!!!!1" So all the other wolves came running and when they came, there was no boy. Wo got scolded for that.

Two days later, Wo got bored and tried the trick again. "Boy, boy, he's really big!!" Again all the other wolves came, and again there was no boy. Wo was the wolf version of grounded.

About a week later, Wo saw a rabbit and decided it was probably male, so he yelled, "Boy!! He's getting away!!" Yet again the other wolves came and yet again they were disappointed! Nobody talked to Wo for six days, until they heard him again.

"Boy! Boy! He has a stick!! Nice and yummy!!!!!!!!" Of course none of the wolves paid any attention to him until he walked into the midst of them, belly fat from eating the boy all by himself. Boy, was he happy.


  1. Hmm... this is a different version then the library book. In that the wolf kept yelling "Boy" and his parents never believed him and then along came a BS troop all full of juicy boys.

  2. Yummy!!!!!!!!! Mmm! Mmm! Good!