Monday, June 05, 2006

Posts! Posts! Po-po-po-po-po-posts!!!

Yes, it's the same only slightly more enthusiastic!

Miy Spel Chekk dusent werk.

A flamingo among pigeons - The first person to say where this came from gets something. Still undecided. It might be nothing, but then again, it might be something. Maybe a sticker. Or a monkey.

Bedtime - Half an hour ago.

Blue - Halfway between 'Blast' and 'Cue'! Fireworks and acting, all rolled into one!!

Flour - Bland.

Langweilig - What i am.

Afraid that the printer might eat me - Also what i am.

Mule - Half donkey, half horse.

Liger - Half lion, half tiger.

Chable - Half chair, half table (don't ask me how).

Lightheaded - Also what i am!

รถ - Cute. Like little screaming faces. Only silent. Maybe they're really quiet singers.

Actually going to bed - Still me!!!


  1. So, are you going to be a interesting word dicker, or are you going to continue to pretend nothing happnens in your life?

  2. And according to my picture, i don't care either.

  3. About the whole pidgeon thing... The flamingo is someone wearing a brightly colored icky (ya know) clothes, and the pidgeons are all us Hs, Hs, and adopted Hs wearing decent stuff, and we're like pidgeons because we eat everything in sight.

  4. Good point about the food. Vultures, complete vultures

  5. It's a direct quote from something. Figure out what.

  6. I'm pretty certain I've not heard it before, but maybe you used it because you know i have. A clue?

  7. So maggie, you aren't going to give us an answer about the flamingo/pidgeon thing?
    I've now seen a chable! It is a desk with the arm that flops over so you can take notes!You've seen some too at Bethel...

  8. They have those on Chicken Little. We also got to use them at that 2B girl scout thingy...

  9. Maggie, the clue is "white"? ok, i'm in the ditch. Unless it is the White Witch? That is the only thing i can think of. Ok crack up if you want to.
    Speaking of Narnia, i sketched a picture of Lucy peeking around the lampost and it looks grr-ate! She looks like her.

  10. Hey, i made a rhyme!
    "I'm in the ditch. Unless it is the white witch?" The poet strikes again!

  11. About blue: should be "Fireworks and acting, both rolled into one!!"

    And to elaborate on my clue, not that you're likely to read this, it's in a book written by Someone White. I forget what her first name is, but i'm pretty sure it's a girl.