Friday, July 27, 2012

The Importance of Being Prepared

Halfway through Act I, our first performance with an audience...

Me: *sitting in the green room*
Aria: *rushing in* I found Margaret! Let's go!
Me: What?
Aria: Sean's pants ripped.
Sean: *out of sight*
Aria: You've got all of Agony and It Takes Two. There's thread in Jen's purse—
Me: I got some. *runs to room to fetch said thread, needle, and scissors, then to Sean's dressing room, where he has changed*
Sean's pants: *foot-long tear right in the back*
Me: *whipstitch with purple thread, because that's what was already on my needle*
Sean and me: *awkward chatting*
Me: Done!
Everyone, for the rest of the day: Yayyyyy Margaret!

Sean plays Jack, one of the main characters. He wears the same pants for the entire show, so he didn't even have another option to change into, besides, like, modern jeans.

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