Tuesday, May 01, 2012

NoWriMo – May

Okay, so I'm going to use this post to chronicle this month's progress in novel-writing. Hopefully the publicity of it will be an incentive to do well.

May the First: 1678 words. It's a murder mystery based on Cinderella. Today's excerpt:
Once upon a time a man was murdered.
Okay, so today was pretty bad prose-wise. I think that's why I got so frustrated last night and why I wrote barely minimum for the day. I think my plot is working out alright but maybe I just got out of the habit of writing prose like this. I dunno. Anyway, not entirely dreading tomorrow.

May the Second: 2324 total. I think May is not the right time to be able to focus. I just got out of school and the weather is just starting to let me take walks again. Prose still dull as dirt:
"Did you know that I have been invited to three balls this year and could not attend a single one because of my fatal lack of a proper ball gown?" Her dresses were all taken from the closet and strewn across her bed and floor.

"I'm sorry," said Eviri quietly.

"Don't be." Dell smiled cockily. "The gentlemen who invited me were idiots anyway, and will invite me again."
Plot didn't go anywhere, but I'm figuring out more of where it will go, if I ever make myself get there. Hopes are not high, which are not helping. Oh yes, and my characters are all named randomly because I decided it's too complicated trying to research names from a single era and area, and find ones that I like. Never mind that there's also magic.

Anyway, I don't really care, which is probably the worst of it.

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