Wednesday, December 08, 2010

I'll give you a sec to catch your breath!

We have had a crazy-interesting time getting my Bethel bill paid. It shouldn't've been that hard, but we'd keep getting letters even AFTER we supposedly took care of it all. Apparently they automatically gave me an EXTRA loan for which I did not ask. So Vati went through all the nonsense to get that taken care of, and ended up with an 800 number he was supposed to call to resolve everything. He called, WITHIN the specific time, and got an automated message that they weren't answering questions right now. So perhaps if I go online and fill out a form, it'll be done and all. You want to know why they changed procedure and we got in this stupid mess?

Obamacare. Apparently it's been a HUGE pain for (at the very least) the Bethel financial aid office. INTERESTING, RIGHT? Just saying.

I want another brownie.

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  1. D: More stupid from Mr. Stupidface... Yay.