Sunday, September 26, 2010

Gotta get back to HT! Gotta get away from school! Gotta get back to HT, where everybody knows I'm cool!

Bethel tries to be Higher Things. It's also school, of course, but it's trying to get me excited and go to all their "services" and the sessions (classes, which I actually do go to, because they're required and sometimes interesting) and hang out with all them other youths between.

That's my main point: it wants my school friends to be like my HT friends. And it works, for a lot of people; I see people hanging out all the time and have THE BEST TIMES apparently. I mean, that's what Freshman Year Experience is for, making bestest friendses. I think the "block" is the equivalent of an assigned youth group or something.

So guess what. After having classes with them, hanging out during orientation and going to a block party and even (gasp!) occasionally greeting them outside all these activities, I am in fact a little fond of these people. None of them are terribly annoying at this point in our acquaintanceship, and some of them are entertaining. However, most days I'd still rather be alone. I'm an introvert, okay? It's only the people I really, really like that I want to spend time with.

You hear me, Bethel? (No you don't, you're not invited. Also you're inanimate.) I DON'T HAVE ANY FRIENDS THERE. And don't force them on me. I'm actually pretty happy this way.

I think this is about the most I've ever missed Higher Things—not only the company, but also the GOOD theology etc. Y'all who have experienced Post-HT Blues knows how drastic that is.
I can't wait for next year.

I should sleep.


  1. ): I know how you feel. The pastor at our church left and the substitute pastor gives sermons that sound like they were written for four-year-olds and and AND! he preaches the law while we're recieving COMMUNION! D: I want our new pastor to be here NOW. Even if he sucks, he's GOT to be better than this guy.

    Also, about the forcing friends on you, 4-H tries to do the same thing. That's why I always bring a book.

  2. The above got a little ranty, sorry.
    But that is why you must come to Madison. There won't necessarily be good theology, but at least we can laugh at the bad theology together!(Laughing with sock puppet Maggie isn't quite the same. It's very one-sided)

  3. Well, my post got a bit ranty. I suppose I ought to include the professors, in which case I perhaps do have a few friends. Or friendish persons, seeing as many of them probably still think of me as my dad's little girl. Whatever, they're fun to talk to anyway.