Saturday, August 28, 2010



SO in my dreem we were putting on a play of The Matrix, only it was also Harry Potter AND The Hunger Games. Exciting times! (The color-coding is for those who are not familiar with all these series.)
Anan was the director.
I played Trinity/Ginny.
Robin/Tavi played Hermione/Prim.
Gary Oldman played Sirius/Morpheus.
Someone unknown played Neo/Ron/Peeta.
(Oh, and I mean that Trinity and Ginny were the same person, et cetera.)

Also, the play was also an amusement park ride, which was also a pair of earrings in a very surreal movie-type way. (As in the camera zooms in on the earrings and you see there are people on it and hey, now the movie is set here.) I got the earrings for free from a company called Orange Orange Orange because I was famous.

So while we were doing the play, Anna was organizing my shoes (because directors aren't really needed for plays, apparently). She organized them by colour and suddenly I had about a dozen pairs of gray shoes, a dozen pairs of black shoes and a few navy shoes and that was it. Some of them didn't have matches (mainly the navy ones) and most of them weren't even my size.

This created a problem when I wanted to go try on awful prom dresses with Robin. I needed the right shoes! Luckily, she still had the bouquet left over from her prom, so even though it carried so many bad memories she'd hated it to death, I could hold that and she could hold the sunflowers from our backyard. Which was also where the play/ride was, which also went very deep into the earth to the dwarfen mines, where it was so hot you'd melt if you stayed there longer than about ten minutes.

Also, my room was clean, which was silly.


  1. Well, I had a dream that my debit card was stolen. I think it was because that evening I was at the library, and the librarian didn't give my library card back at obvious times but kept holding onto it in an absent-minded manner while I worried about her not giving it back ($10 replacement, i think; I'm more-or-less broke,)but I didn't want to say, "Would you give me back my card now please?"
    That was worse than last night's dream, which was I had a rust-like substance on my front teeth that made my teeth bleed (not my gums, my teeth) when I tried to remove it.
    Not as interesting as your dream, but they'll have to do.

  2. Interesting isn't always better. Sometimes it's just confusing and makes for a really awful story. Also that rusty tooth thing sounds like it could make a really good contribution to a horror story.

  3. I went to prom? Or is this a different Robin? O.o

    You knew it must have been a dream because of the clean room, right?

    I dreampt last night that I was a magical guy who looked like Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen and my dead wife had just come back to life. It was scary.

  4. Yeah, you went to prom. And hated it.

    Right. If my room is clean, something's gotta be wrong.