Friday, July 10, 2009

Dreems in the plural.

I just really love telling peeple my dreems, I guess.

As we left NYC it was getting very late and I quite tired, so I cleared the back seat of luggage and lay down for an hour or two, I don't know, I wasn't watching the clock, and had the fairly uneventful dreem of Amanda Pearl's name being in the newspaper. She got into all sorts of shows—including fabulous Broadway musicals—and was nominated for Tonys and such and didn't tell us.

(If you're reading this, Amanda, I haven't won at Solitaire on the iPod since we left you, and it's not for lack of trying.)

Which reminds me. Amanda got an iPhone. She didn't want to have both an iPhone and an iPod, so she got a little mp3 player for the gym, and gave me her 30 GB iPod to replace my 4 GB one that no longer works unless it's actively being charged. ( :D )

As a sidenote to explain the above parenthetical message to those who have not been traveling with us, I started playing the Solitaire right away, and I won easily 50% of the games, whereas Amanda had hardly ever won any.

So the second dreem, once we got to the Days Inn and settled down. We were on a grassy hill, me and Nat and Zeke and Paul and Ethan and a gril scout trying to sell me cookies. (Before you comment, that spelling was intentional.) Zeke's and Paul's faces were kind of blurred. (Have you seen The Ring? Kind of like the faces in the photos in that movie.) I didn't talk to Nat much. Ethan had a full black Irish beard. Yes, his hair was black too. Actually, he didn't look anything like Ethan. He just was.

We were all doing whatever it is we do, and the boys started playing some sort of game or something while the gs and I watched. After a little while people passing by started yelling and throwing rocks at Ethan, and I had to explain to the gs that sooner or later, everybody hates Ethan. Sometimes it's his fault, sometimes not, but if you don't understand this then you will hate him forever. If you're smart enough to comprehend, you kind of get over it. She was a bit dim and couldn't grasp the concept.

Also I bought a box of trefoils and two boxes of junior thin mints from her, even though a box was now $5.25. (When I was selling it was $3.00, though soon after I left it quickly escalated to $3.50.) I was slightly disappointed that the regular thin mints had been discontinued, but the new ones were not bad. She had a selection of about three dozen variaties, and was offering free samples.

P. S. We're not getting home on Wednesday like I thought, it's Tuesday. If it matters.

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  1. We were all doing whatever it is we do,

    Yes, I've often wondered too what it is you do. :-)