Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I give up!

I tried, i really did. Very hard, for very long. But this is it, i'm confessing: In general, i like dancing. Maybe it's the music. Now i still don't like certain kinds of dancing, dancing to certain kinds of music, and with certain people, i. e. most of them.


  1. I think dancing is fun; can we be friends?

  2. I'm not sure I understand the conflict. Could you elaborate?

    Myself, I appreciate certain species of dance (though definitely not all!) but unfortunately haven't had opportunity for learning this art.

  3. At the beginning it was real, i just didn't like dancing. Towards the end it was mostly for Anan. (You can ask her how she feels about dancing - just ask what her bracelet says.)

  4. ah, somehow pointing and laughing just doesn't cover it.

    yes, exactly what kind of dancing do you not not like now?

  5. I love dancing- particularly the kind that makes my look desperately uncoordinated.

    Honestly, that's most kinds. Matt's trying to teach me to waltz, but I have a lot of trouble with it. Swedish bubblegum dance/electronica, on the other hand, I dance to like the major dork I am. It may not be graceful, lovely, and ladylike, but at least it's exercise...

  6. Ahem. *turns away*

    Maybe I'll learn to dance someday... If I'm far away from you people and around peeple who don't know me. That way nobody I know can dance with me. Ha!

  7. Actually, Anan...

    It isn't possible to dance with someone you don't know because the act of making contact with a person be it by speech, sight or touch lets you "know" something about them...

    Ok, so I'm just being difficult! Sigh. I'll go away now.

  8. Fine. People who aren't my friends. But aren't creeps either.

  9. I find myself almost speechless.

    I'm glad you've decided you like dancing, Maggie Mae.

    Only be careful about dancing in dresses, especially while drinking. On the basis of my very unscientific survey of recent country music songs, that combination is quite dangerous and almost always leads to trouble of one sort or another.

    But, otherwise, dance away in the freedom of the Gospel.

  10. Ugh, the computer won't let me sign in.

    I think it may be rather hard to drink while dancing, Pasto'.

    And naturally, i shall only dance when it's at least somewhat appropriate.

  11. Dancing is fun. Especially the funny little foot gigs, like the Pony.